Generation started from Super Dordi ‘Kha’ Hydropower Project


May 7: The Super Dordi ‘Kha’ Hydropower Project, which is situated at Dordikhola in Lamjung, has finished construction as of Saturday and has started producing electricity commercially.

According to the project’s director, Arjun Gautam, the hydroelectric project, promoted by People’s hydropower Company, has an installed capacity of 54 megawatts and is the largest hydropower project constructed on Dordi khola.

 It is also the fourth biggest hydropower project constructed with the private sector’s participation in Nepal after Upper Tamakoshi of 456 megawatts, Solu Dudhkoshi of 86 megawatts, and Khimti Hydropower of 60 megawatts.

The hydropower project began commercial production after its test production and has now connected the electricity to the national grid, Gautam stated.

As a result, the Nepal Electricity Authority Load Transmission Center’s Chief, Suresh Bhattarai, reported that the NEA’s total power generation capacity has increased to 2700 megawatts following the connection of 54 megawatts of power to the national grid on Saturday.

The hydropower project was started in 2074 BS and was supposed to be completed in 2078 BS. However, the construction of the hydropower project was delayed by COVID-19, blockades, and floods in Dordikhola.

The hydropower project, constructed at Dordi Rural Municipality, aims to generate 314.983 gigawatts of power annually, including 53.03 gigawatts in the winter season.

The hydropower project has an underground electricity system and signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in 2071 BS.