NEA applied for the study of reservoir project on Bheri River


Kathmandu. The Nepal Electricity Authority has applied for the study of reservoir-based projects on the Bheri River flowing at the border of Rukum and Jajarkot.

According to the department, NEA has applied to the Department of Electricity  Development for the study of the 135 MW reservoir project named Dadagaun Khalanga Bheri Reservoir Project.

The project will be surveyed at Khalanga and Dadagaun of Bheri Municipality, headquartered in Jajarkot, and Athabiscot and Ghetma of Athabiscot Municipality, west of Rukum.

Although large projects including Upper Karnali, Humla Karnali, Jagadullah, Nalsingh Gad are under study, only 4.8 MW Padam Khola Hydropower Project (Dailekh) has been completed in Karnali.


Source : Bizmandu