Naumure Multipurpose Project under doubt


    May 7, 2018-The fate of Naumure Multipurpose Project is hanging in the balance as no progress has been made to prepare its Detailed Project Report (DPR). Preliminary study of the project was completed two years ago.

    The government had allocated Rs200 million two years ago to construct the 245 MW project. “Despite incorporating the project in the government’s annual budget, the project has barely progressed,” Former Member of Parliament Dhan Bahadur Rayamajhi said.

    India had assured to construct the project using a grant during the tenure of the then Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal. Purushottam Acharya, deputy director general of the Department of Electricity Development, said the department had already handed over the task of preparing DPR of the project jointly to an Italian and a domestic company. Acharya said the companies were assigned to complete the task in two years. “However, with the delay, we are planning to extend the deadline by one more year more.”

     According to the department, the layout of the project is likely to be completed by the end of this fiscal year. Acharya said the preliminary study report has found the multipurpose project to be cost effective. He said the department has planned to construct a 180 metre tall dam to produce electricity and to supply water for irrigation.

      The proposed Naumure project will be located between Javune of Hansapur, Pyuthan and Jaluke of Arghakhachi district. The reservoir based hydropower project will extend up to Chakchake of Madi Area and Baraula Bridge of Jhimruk area.

    Naumure Multipurpose Project is expected to water 40,000 hectares of land in Kapilvastu along with large land plots in Bangeshala of Pyuthan. Acharya said the department has also started studying the possibility of its cascade project through constructing a dam at Bagasoti, the location situated at the border of Dang and Pyuthan districts. The conceptual work for project construction was initiated some three decades ago, with a government team conducting preliminary survey at that time.

    With the apathy of government authority, local people have grown weary about the project construction. “Over the years, there has been no sign of progress in construction work” Hem Bahadur Palli, said a local. Naumure Multipurpose Project is located two kilometres downstream from Airawati, the confluence of Jhimruk River and Madi River. A study carried out a decade ago had estimated a total investment of $320 million at the prevailing exchange rate.

    Source : The Kathmandu Post