Marsyangdi hydro became the fourth project to sell electricity in India


Exporting 234 MW Electricity from 4 projects to India

Kathmandu: Nepal has started selling electricity of Marsyangdi Hydropower Project to India from Tuesday night. Nepal Electricity Authority spokesperson Suresh Bhattarai informed that 5600 MWh (about 234 MW) electricity is being sold in India from 4 different projects including Marsyangdi.

He also said that they are going to participate in the bidding today to sell the electricity of Middle Marsyangdi project in India from Thursday.

Earlier, Nepal had started exporting a total of 177.7 MW of electricity to India, including 140 MW from the Kaligandaki project since last Saturday night. With the addition of Marsyangdi, about 234 MW of electricity has started going to India.

Nepal was allowed to sell electricity on the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) in October last year. India has agreed to buy a total of 364 MW of electricity including Marsyangdi, Middle Marsyangdi, Kaligandaki and Likhu-4, as it bought electricity from Trishuli and Devighat hydropower projects only last year. Although Nepal has got permission to sell Likhu-4 electricity, it has not started selling it yet.

India has not yet approved the purchase of electricity from Upper Tamakoshi, Upper Bhotekoshi and Chamelia, the other three projects proposed by Nepal to sell electricity.

NEA, which cut off the lines of industrial customers due to lack of electricity from India some time ago, has now started selling electricity to India again. In the rainy season, Nepal’s electricity is wasted due to lack of consumption, but in winter, it has to be imported from India.

Nepal had started selling electricity at IEX on November 3 last year under the concept of ‘Day Ahead Market’.