Ngadi Group Power floating 4,86,868 unit shares for the locals of Lamjung from Kartik 30


    Ngadi Group Power Limited is floating 4,86,868 unit shares as part of its initial public offering (IPO) at face value of Rs 100, for the locals of Lamjung (project affected area).

    Publishing a notice today, it stated that the IPO applications would be open from Kartik 30 (Monday) and close on Mangsir 14.

    NIBL Capital Markets Limited has been assigned as the issue manager for the IPO issue.

    The maximum closing date for the IPO has been set for Poush 5.

    Interested people must apply for a minimum of 50 shares and they can apply for up to 20,000 shares.

    After the IPO issue for the locals of project affected area, it’s paid up capital will reach to Rs 38.94 crore.

    After the IPO for the locals of project affected area, the company will be floating 9,73,737 units shares as a part of IPO for the general public.

    Source : ShareSansar