Mahottari in dark for a week due to power shortage


    5 km electric wire towards Nepal and 35 km in India have to be changed.

    trl-energyPower supply has been obstructed in Mahottari district for the past one week after some technical glitches on the Indian Transmission Lines.

    As many as 40,000 households of 42 VDCs and a municipality each in Mahottari and Dhanusha districts have been deprived of electricity services from Tuesday.

    According to the NEA, Jaleshwor branch, the power supply was obstructed after India’s Muzaffarpur Power Station and surrounding transmission lines went kaput.

    39 VDCs of Mahottari district and three VDCs of Dhanusha district have been affected by the power cut. With this, small industries in the region have been closed.

    The NEA has been supplying electricity services at Jaleshwor for just two hours and other VDCs for an hour daily for the past three days.

    Chief of NEA’s Jaleshwor branch Jitendra Jha, meanwhile, said the power supply could not be resumed in full capacity unless the technical glitches in Muzaffarpur were solved.

    He added that around 5 km electric wire towards Nepal and 35 km in India have to be changed. 

    Dumara Station of Sitamadi district of Bihar State, India, supplies 7 MW power for Mahottari district.

    Source : RSS