Women’s Network for Energy and Environment formed



    September 3: Women’s Network for Energy and Environment (WoNEE) has been formed here today at the national level with the objective of exerting pressure for ensuring women’s participation through inclusive and participatory development and management of the energy sector.

    A women’s assembly held here today drawing participants from 10 districts across the country formed the 13-member network under the coordination of Kala Timilsina.

    The participants of the assembly concluded that there was an absence of a women-friendly policy provision in the production, transmission and distribution of energy due to the minimal women participation at the decision-making level in the governmental bodies as well as in private and community organizations related to the energy sector.

    Nepal Energy Foundation facilitated in the formation of the network. The foundation executive director Dilli Ghimire stressed on the need of empowering women in terms of income and the equitable distribution of benefits from the energy sector and in energy security matters as well.

    He added that it had become necessary to constitute the network at the national level for increased access of women in the energy sector by promoting public awareness on energy from the village to the centre.

    Law expert Dilraj Khanal also stressed on women empowerment through the equitable distribution of benefit from the energy sector by increasing access.

    Network coordinator Timilsina spelled out the priorities of the network as building the capacity of women for their meaningful participation in the energy sector, promoting industries and employment based on energy, increasing women’s access to the profits accruing from the energy sector, boosting women participation in the development and promotion of renewable energy and advocating for making the energy sector women-friendly. RSS