Madhya-Marshangdi to be shut for 10 days for repair


    KATHMANDU,   Madhya-Marshyangdi Hydropower Project is stopping power generation for 10 days for repair works.

    According to project officials, the 70-megawatt project will stop power generation from Thursday to repair embankment of its dam for controlling soil erosion.

    Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), however, has said that shutdown of Madhya-Marshyangdi will not affect electricity supply to its consumers. Issuing a statement on Sunday, NEA said that both Kulekhani I and II plants will be run to the full capacity if required. NEA Managing Director Kulman Ghising said consumers, however, might experience short-term power cuts.

    NEA said in the statement that the repair work is important to prevent soil erosion on both sides of the dam.

    The energy utility had planned to repair embankments last year. But the place was deferred after its Load Dispatch Center said it would be difficult to manage load.

    “But it (the repair) is an urgency now. Otherwise, the embankment will see the serious damage,” NEA said in the statement.

    The peaking run of river plant was generating in full capacity (70 MW) during the wet season and 30 MW in dry months.

    Source: My Republica