Nepal’s Hydropower Generation to Increase Significantly with New Projects on Kaligandaki River


The Tiplyang Kaligandaki hydropower project has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the state-owned utility Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to develop a 58 megawatt (MW) project on the Kaligandaki river.

The run-of-the-river project is promoted by the IME group.

As per the agreement, the NEA will purchase electricity at the rate of Rs8.40 per unit in the dry season and Rs4.80 in the peak or rainy season.

The dam site is proposed at Wards 2 and 3 of Annapurna rural municipality. The powerhouse will be constructed in Raghu Ganga rural municipality-1.

Tiplyang Kaligandaki Hydropower is the cascade project of IME group, which also plans to develop a 150MW Middle Kaligandaki hydropower project.

The Middle Kaligandaki project’s dam site will be located at Sukebagar in Annapurna rural municipality-3 and a powerhouse is proposed to be built in Thulobagar in Annapurna rural municipality-2.

A 1,400 metre-long tunnel will be constructed to supply the water from the dam to the powerhouse, according to the project office.

Besides, another hydropower company promoted by the IME Group is constructing a 42MW Mistri Khola project in one of the tributaries of Kaligandaki.

The IME Group has also invested in the 38MW Nilgiri Khola – I and the 65MW Nilgiri Khola cascade projects, which are in the final stages of construction.

On Kaligandaki river, the construction of the 164MW Kaligandi Gorge hydropower project in Ward 3 and 4 of Annapurna rural municipality has also been proposed. The project is being developed by China’s Yunnan Xinhua Water Conservancy and Hydropower Investment Company, under the state-owned China Nuclear Power Group.

Another 65 megawatts of Upper Kaligandaki hydropower project has been proposed on the Kaligandaki river. The project is promoted by Tradelink Global Private Limited.

The project has proposed making a dam in Beg Khola in Raghuganga rural municipality-1 and a powerhouse in Ghumaune Taal in Ward 3 of the rural municipality.

Similarly, a 50.53MW Beni Kaligandaki hydropower project has been proposed on the Kaligandaki river. The Department of Electricity Development is promoting the project with an estimated investment of Rs8.72 billion.

It has proposed to construct a dam in Seti Pahiro in Beni Municipality-6 and a powerhouse in Shera Phant in Jaljala rural municipality-6 of Parbat district.

However, the design of Beni Kaligandaki Hydropower Project is under revision following a protest from the locals regarding the alignment of the dam.

All electricity generated from the hydropower projects in the Kaligandaki river will be fed into a 220 kVA substation in Dana.

Source : The Kathmandu Post