Locals are facing uncertainty due to the delay in development of the Upper Karnali Hydropower Project by promoter GMR India. Locals are unhappy that GMR has not done the works it had to complete in almost two years after signing project development agreement (PDA).

    “The company does not inform us about the works it is doing,” Jeevan Thapa, a local, rued. “We have also held discussions about the issue with members of the Agriculture and Water Resource Committee of the parliament,” he added pointing that the project has invited controversy due to opposition by a few political parties.

    The company was scheduled to complete all the preparations to start construction during this period. Coordinator of the Upper Karnali Stakeholder Committee Bam Bahadur BC said land acquisition could not be done with the company not holding adequate discussions with the locals about land acquisition. Lokendra Shahi, a local, claimed that the company has held discussions with locals on the issue only twice.

    GMR has been saying it can pay up to Rs 750,000 per ropani but the locals have been demanding up to Rs 2 million. A total of 700 plots of private land and 91 plots of public land will have to be acquired for the project.

    Source : Karobar Daily