Tibet: Hydropower resumes in country, a year after Nepal earthquake


    The two repaired power generators are responsible for providing power to 25 villages across the country

    Two hydropower generators in Tibet which were damaged during last year’s massive earthquake in neighbouring Nepal resumed operations after major repair work.

    The two generators provide electricity enough for household use for 10,000 people in 25 villages.

    Two other generators in the power plant are expected to be repaired this year, Ta Qing, a county official told state-run Xinhua news agency.

    The devastating quake on April 25, last year, which claimed heavy casualties in Nepal, also left 26 dead in Tibet.

    The tremors triggered landslides on both sides of the border cutting off electricity, road transport and telecommunications.

    The Gyirong Power Station, installed with a capacity of 4,000 kilowatt, was built in 2013 to satisfy the power use in the county.

    The plant was built to end local residents’ dependence on wood for fuel.

    Source : PTI