Kul Man Ghising: A Moment Of Brilliance And Abundance


    Like two years ago, MD Ghising entered the NEA’s load Center at 5.

    For the consumers, celebrating Tihar festival in full light is a matter of jubilation. However, Kul Man Ghising, Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority and his team has very hard time to maintain the electricity supply on the day of Laxmi Puja.

    Like two years ago, MD Ghising entered the NEA’s load Center at 5. When he left the center it was already ten and most of the people were still celebrating the festival of light with full bulb and lights.

    As the darkness gradually covered by light, the demands at the load center have increased. According to NEA’s load center, the picking demand of electricity was 1105 MW at 7 PM on Laxmipuja. To maintain supply, NEA generated 439 MW, IPP’s 341 MW and 325 MW imported from India.

    Despite importing more energy from India in the past, Nepalese have to go for almost 10 hours long power cut during the Tihar or Laxmi Puja. For the people, prolong power cut is ritual as annual festival Tihar.

    Three years ago, it was unbelievable for people to celebrated Tihar Festival with all out light. As it said if there is a will, there is a way out. This is what Kul Man Ghising; Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has shown in third consecutive year supplying uninterrupted electricity to its customers in Nepal.

    With his management skill and commitments, MD Ghising emerges as a savor to end power cut from Nepal.

    For MD Ghising, his word and commitment matter much. He made it as he promised before taking the positions of MD of NEA. Started three years ago, MD Ghising has completely declared Nepal as a load-shedding free country.

    His efforts not only light the house during the festival but the end of load-shedding has positive implications for economic growth. Multilateral agencies like World Bank and Asian Development Bank have pointed out in their report that end of load-shedding immensely contributed for economic growth.

    Suffering from a prolong load shedding for decades, MD Ghising generated a hope among Nepali people supplying uninterrupted electricity three years ago during the Tihar festival.

    He maintained his success this third year as well. In his face book status, Chairman and Secretary of Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Anup Kumar Upadhyaya congratulated MD Ghising and his entire team for maintaining power supply for consecutive three years.

    “Happy Tihar! —- In recent years Nepal’s festival of light has been frustrated by power cuts, the result of electricity shortages. In late 2016, a man named Kulman Ghising took charge of the country’s power grid as head of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and ended years of rolling blackouts – how? It’s a fascinating and much longer story (see below). Now, Ghising is a culture hero, much loved and lauded by the KTM populace. This year, for Tihar, Kulman Ghising announced that there would be no power cuts, and he delivered yet again. Also, in a genius publicity stunt, they created a spectacular light show at the NEA headquarters to celebrate and highlight this achievement. A moment of brilliance and abundance.

    These are some photos I took at the NEA headquarters tonight, where hundreds of people are stopping by, taking photos and selfies, cheering the end of blackouts, identifying with the success, hoping for electricity-enabled lifestyles, and dreaming of bright futures. These are some quick photos that try to show the energy and effective power of this spectacle – a moment that speaks to Nepal’s energy aspirations.

    MD Ghising At Load Center

    “The current moment within the history of energy politics in Nepal seems hopeful. The end of load shedding is both an incredible achievement and a watershed moment. Kulman Ghising is loved for good reason. Nepal needs electricity, and they have a right to yearn for greater energy consumption (still a fraction of that which Western lifestyles demand). And yet, there are no easy answers or easy solutions . How will energy consumption change in Nepal in the years to come? What will the costs look like and who will bear them? What kind of brilliant futures are possible, and for whom?,” writes, Austin Lord, an American who recently left to his country after leaving four years in Nepal on part of project.

    From secretary Upadhyaya to foreigners like Austin Lord, there are many Nepali who see MD Ghising’s efforts to end load-shedding as a great achievements of the country. Supplying uninterrupted power, MD Ghising has shown inner commitment, management and will can make impossible possible.


    Source : New Spotlight