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    The Average Net profit of hydropower companies is Rs 21.26 crore. The highest net profit of hydropower sector is of Chilime Hydropower Company Limited (CHCL) is Rs 92.98 crore . Meanwhile the net profit of Barun And Sanima hydropower is negative.

    Average Earning per Share of hydropower sector is Rs 9.70.Earning per Share of CHCL and BPCL is above average. Barun and Sanima Hydropower  earning per share is negative.

    Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company Limited (HIDCL) is an investment company and provide loan to the other hydropower projects therefore HIDCL’s income is generated through interest income. Overall hydropower companies sale from electricity remains at Rs 28.14 crore.

    The average Paid up capital of hydropower companies stand at Rs 2.17 arba. The highest paid up capital is of HIDCL at Rs 10 arba. The average reserve of hydropower company is Rs 86.38 crore.

    Details of Hydropower Companies in Nepal

    1.Arun Valley Hydropower Company

    Arun Valley Hydropower Company Limited (AHPC) is a 3 MW hydropower project. The hydropower company has other projects as Piluwakhola Hydropower Project (3MW), Ridikhola Hydropower (2.4 MW), Kabeli-B1 Hydropower (25MW) and Arun Kabeli Hydropower Project (25 MW) under it. AHPC has earned net profit of Rs 5.93 crore in the fourth quarter of last fiscal year 2072/73.

    Piluwakhola, a small hydropower project under AHPC is located in Sankhuwasabha district with installed capacity of 3, 000 kilowatt power from the water of the Piluwakhola River. The power generated from this project is connected to the national grid system via Tirtire-Dhankuta-Dharan 33 kV transmission line. The project site is located in Chainpur VDC of Sankhuwasabha district 37 kilometer away from Basantapur and 73 kilometer away from Dhankuta Hile bazaar.

    2. Api Power Company Limited

    Api Power Company Limited (API), established in Ashad 5, 2060, has numbers of hydropower projects in its name. The hydropower company has developed 8.5 MW Naughar Gad hydropower project in Darchula. The company is in the process of constructing 8 MW Upper Naugarh Gad and   75 MW Trishuli Galchi. Siddhakali Power Company Limited, a subsidiary project of Api Power Company Limited had signed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with NEA on Jestha 20, 2073 for constructing 75MW Trishuli Galchi Hydropower Project.

    Recently the hydropower company got the tender to install 19.5 MW solar power plants from Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in various substations of the country.

    3. Barun Hydropower Company Limited:

     Barun Hydropower Company Ltd. (earlier known as Barun Hydropower Development Company Pvt. Ltd) was established in 2060.The hydropower company has a paid up capital of Rs 24.30 crores. The company was converted into public limited in 2066.The hydropower company has Hewa Khola Small Hydropower project under its name.

    4. Chilimie Hydropower Company

    Chilime Hydropower Company Limited (Chilime) was established in 1995. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) holds majority ownership with 51% shareholding. Remaining 49% shareholding is from general public including 10% equity ownership of local people.
    Chilime has established following three subsidiaries:

    1. Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Limited.
    2. Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidhyut Company Limited.
    3. Sanjen Jalavidhyut Company Limited.

    Chilime, through its three subsidiaries, is developing four hydropower projects with aggregate capacity of 270.3 MW.


    Chilime Hydropower Company Limited

    Sanjen Jalavidhyut Company Limited

    Madhya Bhotekohi Jalavidhyut Company Limited

    Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Limited

    Bemdang Khola

    5. Butwal Power Company Limited

    Butwal Power Company Limited (BPC) is the only enterprise having   a five decade long history of success, sustained growth and capacity building in the country. BPC is engaged in operation & maintenance of power plants, consulting engineering of hydropower and infrastructure projects, manufacturing and repair of hydro-mechanical and  Electromechanical equipment for power plants through its subsidiary companies.

    BPC owns and operates Andhikhola (9.4 MW) and Jhimruk (12 MW) plants located in western Nepal. Also it owns majority stake in Khudi hydropower plant (4 MW). It is also developing two hydropower projects namely Nyadi and Kabeli A, with combined capacity of 68 MW, through separate SPVs. BPC’s another project namely Lower Manang Marsyangdi Hydropower Project (100 MW), located in southern region of Manang District, is in the preparatory phase.

    The company has following sister organizations and subsidiaries:

        • Himal Power Limited (HPL)
        • Hydro Lab Private Limited
        • Jhimruk Industrial Development


        • BPC Services Limited (BPCSL)
        • Hydro Consult Limited (HCE)
        • Kabeli Energy Limited (KEL)
        • Khudi Hydropower Limited (KHL)
        • Nepal Hydro & Electric Limited (NHE)
        • Nyadi Hydropower Limited (NHL)

    6. Sanima Hydropower Limited

    Sanima Hydropower (P) Ltd. (SHPL), established in March 1999, is a hydropower company having Non-Resident Nepalese (NRNs) as its major shareholders. The hydropower company has

    Sanima Hydropower has started commercial operation of 2.5 MW Sunkoshi Small Hydropower Project from 24 march 2005.

    The hydropower project has following on going events:

        • Mai Hydropower Project (22MW)
        • Mai Cascade Hydropower Project (7MW)

    7. Ridi Hydropower Development Company

    Ridi Hydropower Development Company is a limited company registered under the Company Act of the Government of Nepal. With the motto of ‘Hydropower through Peoples’ Participation’ the company was established in 2000 AD with a mission to develop, own and operate hydroelectric project.

    The company has built and operating a 2400kW Ridikhola Small Hydropower Project at Ruru VDC of Gulmi district, Western Development Region of Nepal. There are 300 promoters shareholders in the company with a minimum investment range of Rs. 10,000 (US$ 133.33). Of the total number of promoting shareholders, around 50 percent shareholders are from the project area.

    8. National Hydropower Company Limited

    National Hydropower Company Limited (NHPC) has developed and is operating the 7.5 MW Indrawati III Hydro Power Project in Sindhupalchowk District since in 1999. NHPC, through a subsidiary company called Sunkoshi Hydro Power Company, also owns the Lower Indrawati Hydropower Project (4.5 MW) which can be built as a cascade of the Indrawati III Project. NHPC is also looking at the opportunity of investing in the Lower Irkhuwa Hydropower Project (10 MW) in Bhojpuri District of Nepal.

    Source : Share Sansar