Generation License for three hydro project


    Ministry of Energy has issued generation license  to Super  Dordi  Kha, Madkyu  & Chake  Khola  Hydroelectric project. Capacity of Super  Dordi Hydroelectric Project is 59.6 MW  and developed by Peoples Hydropower Company Pvt.Ltd. Similarly Capacity of Madkyu Hydroelectric Project 10.0 Mw and developed by Silkes Hydropower Pvt.Ltd. And Capacity of Chake Khola Hydroelectric project is 2.83 MW and developed by Garjyang Upatyaka HP Company.

    Madkyu & Chake Khola HEP already had a PPA with NEA where as Super Dordi “Kha” HEP yet to sign the PPA.

    Government have granted Generation / Production License for 86 Project till 7th March,2014 with total capacity of 2,229 MW.