Chilime expresses concern over cheating of its Rasuwa shareholders


    Chilime_phChilime Hydropower Company Limited has stated that the recent cases of some thugs cheating the local shareholders of the project in Rasuwa have drawn its serious attention.

    Heavily lambasting those involved in such frauds, the company has also appealed the BFIs and share brokers to issue only account payee cheques while transacting the shares as required by the regulations governing the stock market.

    Issuing a public statement on the matter, Chilime, which is one of the blue-chip companies, has also appealed to the shareholders to be mindful of the provision that asks them to be present themselves at the CIT while selling off shares.

    The company has also urged the local shareholders to immediately approach the project office at Syaphurbesi in Rasuwa or the company’s head office at Dhumbarahi in Kathmandu if they feel that they are being cheated.

    Source : ShareSanar