Power production down by 83 per cent at BPC’s Jhimruk Hydro


    Jhimruk hydropower projectPyuthan, June 9: Power generation has suddenly dipped at Butwal Power Company (BPC), Darimchaur, after the water level in the Jhimruk River decreased with the increasing temperature. The power project has just been producing 17 per cent of its full capacity.

    The power project used to produce over 12 MW power in the rainy season just produces around two megawatt power these days, said Shyam Thapa, Chief of the Power Distribution Section of the Company. It is the decrease by 83 per cent, he added.

    As a result, Pyuthan, Rolpa, and Arghakhanchi districts, which were declared load-shedding-free districts, have frequent disruption of power supply, now. The districts need around nine megawatt power to meet the demand for electricity.

    Source : TRN