Fukot Karnali hydropower project: Locals dissatisfaction over the compensation for their land


Manma: Locals affected by the Fukot Karnali hydropower project have expressed dissatisfaction over the compensation amount being offered to them. The compensation paid for their land is much lower than the prevailing rate in their locality, they said.

The determination of the price by the District Rate Fixation Committee is not right as it is different for land in the rural road and the Karnali corridor, said Ananta Bara of Raskot-8. The rate for land around the rural road has been fixed at Rs. 3,600 to 5,700 per square meter while for the land around the Karnali corridor it is Rs 1050 per square meter.

The project is going to acquire over 1,294 land plots in Raskot, Sannitriveni and Pachaljharana area.

Meanwhile, Chief of the Hydropower Project Hiraman Waiba said the determination committee led by the Chief District Officer fixed the rate and that nobody has been denied their rightful compensation.

The project has reportedly allocated a sum of Rs. 360 million for paying compensation for the land of the locals this year. The locals will also be provided 10 per cent share in the project, Waiba said.