Hydropower import from Nepal, Bhutan


    India-Bangladesh-FlagThe Bangladesh government has invited its Indian counterpart to hold the seventh Dhaka-Delhi secretary level meeting here between January 11 and January 12, 2014 aiming to focus on regional interconnectivity through sharing hydroelectric potentiality with Nepal and Bhutan, bangladesh power division’s official said.
    He said, “We have already invited Indian counterpart to expedite power sector cooperation through arranging two-day long joint secretaries and secretaries level meeting between two countries.the government is yet to get any response from Indian part. He also said Bangladesh would focus on sharing hydroelectric power with Nepal and Bhutan through Indian corridor.
    He also said the Bangladesh government in a proposal to the Indian side showed interests to invest in a project at Arunachal Prodesh in India.
    India has a potential to generate 150,000MW of hydro power while Bhutan and Nepal have potentials of generating 30,000MW and 83,000MW of electricity respectively.

    Source : Energy Bangla