Five micro hydropower projects closed


    Chautara, Feb. 4:

    microhydropowerFive out of nine micro hydropower projects based in Sindhupalchowk district have been closed for the past one year.

    The projects which were a boon for the rural people deprived of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) services were completely closed after the rural villages were linked to NEA power line.

    They are the 27- Kilowatt Handikhola I, the 26-KW  Handikhola II, 20-KW Hanidkohola III, 20-KW Jhyadikhola Project, 9 KW- Ghattekhola Project and  0.2 KW Piko Project.

    Earlier also these projects could not be operated in full capacity due to political tug-o- war and lack of sufficient investment. Many people of rural parts including Ghangpaldhap, Thangpalkot, Kunchok, Chokati and Jalbire were benefitted from the projects.

    An investment of around 150 million and people’s voluntary labour went in vain following the closure of the hydro power projects which were supported by the UNDP, Nepal Government, World Bank and District Development Committee, district energy and environment unit office assistant Rajendra Dulal said. However, other four projects are operational. RSS