Two hydro projects eager to sell power



    Lamjung DistrictTwo hydro projects in Lamjung with capacity of more than 100 MW that have license to export electricity generated in Nepal to India, have expressed willingness to sell power for five months during the winter season, in Nepal.

    The 282 MW Manang Marsyangdi and 138 MW Upper Marsyangdi-1 hydro projects have shown eagerness to sell electricity to Nepal during winter.

    India’s Rajratna Company has been permitted to construct Manang Marsyangdi and Upper Marsyangdi-1.

    The share of Nepalis in the company is just five per cent.  Lamjung Electricity Development Company’s Dikendra Raj Kandel said investors and promoters were positive about supplying power to Nepal. Kandel also added that talks between the companies and Nepal Electricity Authority would begin in this connection shortly.

    Nepal Electricity Authority had estimated that power generation would meet power demand, but the country would suffer power shortage during the winter after 2017. Kandel said the two projects had asked for proposal in connection with sale of electricity in Nepal one-and-a-half month ago.

    According to Electricity Development Department, these two projects have applied for licence to generate power as well.

    Nepal’s total electricity generation is 750 MW against a demand of 1,163 MW.

    Source : The Himalayan Times.