Energy ministry told to table crucial bills in parliament


    Ministry of EnergyKATHMANDU, Feb 24: A meeting of the Agriculture and Water Resources Committee of the legislature-parliament held on Monday has directed the Ministry of Energy (MoE) to register Electricity Bill and Electricity Regulatory Commission Bill at the parliament by mid-April.

    The committee issued the direction after the Ministry of Energy failed to live up to its commitment of introducing those bills by mid-January.

    “MoE failed to register the bills by mid-January as per our earlier direction. We urge the ministry to register these crucial bills at the earliest,” the committee said in a statement.

    While directing the energy ministry to do the needful for addressing the energy crisis at the earliest, the committee has also urged the Office of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers (OPMCM) to give high priority to energy issues.

    Similarly, the committee also drew the attention of the OPMCM on the energy secretary’s decision to scrap licenses of 13 different hydropower projects and the energy minister’s statement about taking a proposal to the cabinet for reinstating of licenses of nine of those 13 projects.

    “OPMCM should make a strong move to discourage such trends among decision makers,” the statement added.

    Source : Republica