Energy ministry at work to achieve 200MW electricity target within this FY


    Jan 24, 2017- In a bid to increase internal production and end power-cuts across the country, the government has recently urged all under construction hydropower projects to be completed before the deadline.

    The advice is as part of the 37 points action plan presented by the Ministry of Energy that includes production of additional 200 megawatts electricity within this fiscal year.

    So far 112 megawatts electricity from the Hewa ‘A’ Hydroelectricity Project in Panchthar has been added to the national grid in the current fiscal year.

    Energy Minister Janardan Sharma is hopeful of achieving the government’s target, given the fact that the ministry is helping to complete all under-construction hydropower projects before the deadline. There are the total 15 hydropower projects under-construction with investment of private sectors.

    It will generate a total of 990 megawatts electricity once all the under-construction projects are complete.

    The government’s move to urge all under-construction hydropower projects to speed up construction work is taken as a positive impact on energy sector in the country. It also means to relieve people who are long suffering load-shedding.

    Spokesperson for the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Prabal Adhikari said 380 megawatts electricity across the country is needed to meet a total demand for 1,260 megawatts.

    However, local residents of Kathmandu valley are currently enjoying full-fledged power supply even during this year’s winter season known as the period when there is high demand for electricity.

    The import of electricity from India through Khimti-Dhalkebar transmission line has helped ease power outage in Kathmandu valley, Adhikari said.

    The NEA is also planning to import additional 40 megawatts electricity from India from January 30, he said. RSS