Electricity transmission yet to start through Raxaul-Parwanipur line


    BIRGUNJ, July 10

    Transmission line with 132 KV capacity between the Indian bordering city of Raxaul to Parwanipur of Parsa district in Nepal has yet to start even after six months of its construction and successful test transmission. Nepal Electricity Authority had declared last December that the transmission line was ready for supply of electricity.

    “Tower construction, wire connection and testing has already been completed,” Project Chief Laxmi Narayan Mukhiya said, “This transmission line is ready for supply of electricity.”

    Om Prakash Sharma, President of Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that if the transmission line could be put to use, then issue of power cuts in the mid-Tarai region could be resolved. Private sector has been pressurizing the authorities to start up this transmission line as soon as possible.

    The capacity of the Raxaul-Parwanipur transmission line is four times the usual capacity of 33 KV.

    The 17-kilometer-long transmission line was built according to an agreement between the Nepali and Indian governments to build electricity transmission lines in three bordering points. Initially this line will be used to import electricity from India. The long-term vision is that the same line will be used to export electricity to India if Nepal has surplus production.

    “The transmission line is ready. Putting it to use is up to the two countries,” engineer Mukhiya said, “Some paper work at higher levels might have halted the process, which we are not aware of.”

    According to the Birgunj-based Consulate General of India, transmission will start very soon. “According to our engineers, there are a few technical issues. Trees are touching the transmission line that needs to be cleared,” Consul Niraj Kumar Jaiswal said, “I hope the line will start very soon.”

    Source: My Republica