Electricity supply disrupted in Jumla


Jumla, Apr 9: Nearly 800 households in the district have been forced to live in darkness owing to electricity disruption for two days.

The Dillichaur hydropower project failed to generate power owing to cut off in water supply. The canal supplying water to the hydropower was damaged by a landslide.

The canal collapsed, disrupting water supply. It is damaged in 25-meter stretch. “Although locals had noticed cracks on canal wall, it lacked timely repair, resulting into power disruption since Sunday,” said Chairman of Vidyut Cooperatives, Krishna Bahadur Budha, expressing regret.

Budha informed that it costs Rs 600 thousand as per technicians to reconstruct the channel.

Nearly 800 households from ward no 4, 5 and 6 of Patarasi rural municipality have been deprived of electricity after the damage in water supply. It also caused difficulty in the daily works of government offices, and banks and financial institutions.

Meanwhile, Rs 300 thousand has been allocated from the rural municipality for the reconstruction of hydropower canal.
Rural municipality Chair Purna Singh Bohara informed that they were at work to resume power supply at the earliest.