Power Generation Of Marsyangdi Hydropower Project Falls


Tanahun, Jan. 26: Electricity generation of Marsyangdi Hydropower Station in Aanbukhaireni Rural Municipality-4 of Tanahu has decreased.

Badri Phuyal, chief of the station, informed that the production has decreased due to a decrease in the water level in the river as snow has not melted due to cold and lack of rains.
He said that the production has decreased accordingly as the level of water in the river is less than half.

“As the demand for electricity is high in the evening and in the morning, the water is stored in the reserve tank during the day and is used to generate power at full capacity at night,” said Phuyal.
As the demand for electricity is higher from 5 pm to 10 pm and from 5 am to 10 am in the morning, power is generated at full capacity using the reserved water, he said.

The station has stated that the production will increase from the end of April as a lot of snow will begin to melt and there will be a lot of rain after April.

According to the station, when the water level is low, the power generation is reduced to 40 MW in the afternoon.
At a time when the demand for electricity is high, three units are generating 69 MW at full capacity at the rate of 23 MW each.

The NEA is compelled to import electricity from India when power generation is low in the dry season.
The electricity generated from this centre is connected to the national transmission line from Bharatpur in Chitwan to Kathmandu station.

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