Electricity Authority Managing Director Hitendra Dev Shakya reinstated office


Kathmandu, 2 February 2077 Newly appointed Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority Hitendra Dev Shakya has been reinstated. Shakya was re-appointed as the 17th executive director of NEA at its central office in Ratnapark on Sunday.
Shakya, who has been the acting director  since October 10, was appointed as the managing director by the cabinet meeting on February 10.
In the congratulatory program organized after the inauguration, Shakya said that his main priority is to strengthen and expand the transmission and distribution line for quality power supply to the consumers and to find a market for the excess electricity consumed within the country.
“Within the next four years, the per capita energy consumption will reach 500 units, the institutional development plan will be updated and implemented, the construction, transmission and distribution projects under construction will be completed and the construction of transformative projects like Dudhkoshi and Upper Arun will be taken forward,” he said. “Improvements and expansion of the system for power leakage control, reliable power distribution system will be given priority.”

He said that the sale of rain-fed power from hydropower projects under PPA was challenging, adding that trade with neighbouring countries was his top priority to increase domestic consumption and increase surplus power. . “There is enough electricity for power supply. There is a lack of resources to change the old structure and start new ones. On the one hand, there is a lack of resources from the locals. On the other hand, the system will be modernized and automated through maximum use of information technology,” he said.
Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Executive Director of the Finance Directorate, Lekhnath Koirala, said that the biggest challenge for the NEA was the management of excess electricity sales through interim consumption. “Reliable power supply, leakage control, and complete electrification of the country are also seen as challenging,” he said. “We need to move forward with an action plan to meet such challenges.”
Rameshwor Poudel, coordinator of NEA’s official trade union, said that the new management is facing challenges such as increased power sales, leakage control, and continuation of the achievements achieved in the past. He expressed his commitment to support and co-operate in the steps taken by the management to face such challenges.