Upper Chaku-A in power generation preparation


The Upper Chaku-A Hydropower Project with a capacity of 22.2 MW constructed under the leadership of the private sector has started production preparations. The project, which is owned by Shivshree Hydropower Limited, is preparing to start trial production within the next one week. At the same time, eight megawatts of electricity will be added to the national transmission line. “The project is ready to be tested within a year and go into commercial production after 15 days,” Shiv Shri’s managing director Bishnu Khatri told .

The project will be connected to the central transmission line through a sub-station of the Sunkoshi Hydropower Station owned by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) at Lamosanghu, 22 km away from Bhotekasi Gaonpalika-4 on the Nepal-China border. Managing Director Khatri said that the project will generate eight megawatts of electricity immediately due to the dry season of winter. “It will be produced at full capacity only from next July,” he said.

The construction of the project has been completed four years later than the scheduled time after the 2,500-meter-long underground tunnel from the dam at Chandraku of Phulpingatti to Chaku Kholo penetrated the power house at Changlekatti. Umesh Kasaju, Founder Executive Chairman and Advisor of Shivshree, informed that the cost per megawatt has reached Rs. 230 million when the construction was completed. “The project has become a bit expensive as the construction period has been extended,” he said.

The construction of the project was started from 30th July, 2069 BS to be completed by 2073 BS. According to Kasaju, the completion of the project has been delayed due to landslides in July 2071 BS, Bhotekoshi floods on April 29, 2072 BS and continuous hailstorms. According to him, the earthquake had caused a lot of damage to the project under construction.

According to Shivashree, 12 banks and financial institutions led by Citizen Bank Limited have invested Rs 3 billion in the project. The private sector (founder) has invested Rs 1.47 billion in the project which has already distributed 20 percent shares to the general public including locals, said Shivshree Executive Chairman Bachchu Poudel. A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) was signed between Shivshree and Electricity Authority in 2067 BS. As per the agreement, NEA will pay Rs 7 per unit in winter and Rs 4 per unit in rainy season.


Source : Nagarik