Construction of Kabeli B1 Hydropower Project 95% Completed


    The Kabeli B1 hydropower project that started two years ago has completed 95% of construction. It has been scheduled to start its test production within three months.

    This hydroelectricity project, located in between Panchthar and Taplejung districts, generates 25 MW electricity. The total cost of the project is estimated at Rs. 4.3 billion.

    The promoter of the project, Arun Kabeli Power Limited said that majority of the civil works, hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical engineering works like powerhouse, dam, penstock pipeline, surge tank and sedimentation reservoir have been completed.

    The project manager, Hastaman Rai informed that the project construction has a target of mid-February. He said the powerhouse and a surge tank in Tharpu and a 4-km-long pipeline that runs through Dahal Gaun to Piple have already been completed. Six transmission towers out of 16 towers have already been installed in Amarpur. These towers will be used to connect the 132 kVA transmission line.

    The tasks currently in progress include four intake gates, spill way gate-6, stop lock gate-6, descending basin gate-4, two sand exhaust gates, score valve, main hole, two draft tube gates and three tailrace gates. The installation of two generators with the capacity of 12.5MW, two turbines, two governors and two transformers are also currently in progress.

    The power generated from this project will be evacuated from Mechi Koridor 132 kVA transmission line from Damak to Amarpur in Panchthar district. However, the construction of 132 kVA transmission line from where the electricity would be evacuated to the national grid has been delayed. If the transmission line is not completed in time, the electricity may be wasted.

    In total, 70% of the stake in the project is owned by Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company Limited along with a consortium of seven banks, including Nepal Investment Bank. 10% is owned by the local people of Panchthar and Taplejung. And the rest of the shares is held by Arun Kabeli Power Limited.

    According to the information officer of Kabeli B1, Dilli Ram Subedi, the company has distributed 15 million units of shares to the local people.

    Source : Techlekh