The 55 MW Likhu-2 project has started trial production


Electricity generation has been started using the Likhu water flowing through the border river of Ramechhap and Solukhumbu districts. The Likhu-2 hydropower project built by Dugad Group has started trial production. The Likhu-2 project has started trial production by pouring water into the powerhouse near Umakundu 2 Thadokhola in Ramechhap.

The project with a total capacity of 55 megawatts has produced around 20 megawatts of electricity during testing and has been connected to the national transmission line. Although the project can produce electricity at a capacity of 55 megawatts, the transformer is being replaced at the sub-station of Manthali Municipality 13 Sankhe of Nepal Electricity Authority. According to the project, electricity could not be sent at full capacity until the transformer is built.

According to Shalikram Paudel of the project, the project will send electricity at its full capacity after the completion of the transformer replacement within a few days. According to Shalikram Paudel of the project, the Likhu-2 project will build a 132 kV transmission line from Kubhukasthali in Ramechhap to Sankhe substation and sell the electricity produced to the Nepal Electricity Authority. Earlier, 28 megawatts of electricity from the Likhu A hydropower project, which was built with the investment of Dugad Group, was transferred to Sankhe substation through the same transmission line and connected to the national transmission. According to Paudel, as the Likhu 2 project is currently under testing, commercial production will begin in about 2 weeks.

Source: Kantipur