Construction of hydel projects in Lamjung stalls


    The construction of hydropower projects in the district has ground to a halt after running out of fuel due to the trade embargo by India, and no work has been done for the last three months since the blockade began.

    As a result, only two schemes, the Upper Marsyangdi A and Chyangdi Micro Hydropower Project, are likely to complete their construction work by the end of this fiscal year. These two projects have a combined capacity of producing 52 MW of electricity.
    If there are no further hitches, the Upper Marsyangdi A is expected to be finished in five months and the Chhyangdi Micro Hydropower Project in the next two weeks.
    Although the government has announced providing fuel to projects that are at the final stages of their construction, Upper Marsyangdi A and Chhyangdi have not received any.
    Arjun Gurung, information officer of Sino Hydro Resources, the contractor for Upper Marsyangdi A, said the construction work had been disrupted due to delays in cement supply. According to him, they have received three tanker-loads of fuel from the government.
    “Only minor work is being done due to the shortage of cement, and a major part of the workforce is on leave,” he said. Gurung added that they had completed 85-90 percent of the construction work which was scheduled to be finished by December.
    Lal Bahadur Thapa, proprietor of the Chhyangdi Khola Project, said they expected to finish the construction work by January-end. “We are expecting to receive the construction materials that are stuck at Nepal-India border soon,” said Thapa.
    According to him, the finishing touches are being put as they have almost completed the construction work. “We were delayed almost five months due to the April 25 earthquake and Indian blockade,” Thapa said.
    Likewise, there are another four hydropower projects under construction in the district. They are expected to start production in the next four years.
    The 25 MW Upper Dordi A has complained of obstructions by the local people due to the fuel shortage. The promoter of the project, Liberty Energy Hydropower, has targeted completing the construction work by mid-April 2018.
    Rajendra Wasti, board member of Liberty Energy, said the local people had been obstructing the construction work for the last week. “Although we arranged the fuel by ourselves, locals have been getting in the way demanding that we first build a road to their village.
    Similarly, the 27 MW Dordi Khola Project promoted by Himalayan Power Partner has been at a standstill for the last three months.
    According to the project, it managed to procure 6,000 litres of diesel which was still inadequate to keep the construction work running smoothly.

    Guru Prasad Dhakal, board member of the Dordi Khola Project, said they would miss the deadline if the government did not provide them fuel. The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-June 2017.
    Likewise, the 49.6 MW Super Dordi B promoted by People’s Hydropower has stalled. The construction of the 3 MW Midim Khola-Karapu promoted by Union Hydro, 10.3 MW Dordi 1 and 30 MW Ngadi have also come to a halt after the Indian blockade.

    Source : eKantipur