After Ghising’s warning, Chinese company to complete Dhalkebar substation in two months


    The Central China Power Grid (CCPG) has agreed to resume construction works at the Dhalkebar Substation of Nepal Electricity Authority in Dhanusha district.

    Now, the construction will be over within next two months, says the Nepal Electricity Authority.

    Earlier last week, the company had halted the works at the 220-KV substation putting forth various demands, and reports had claimed it could result into recurrence of load shedding in upcoming winter.

    But, after NEA Managing Director Kulman Ghising warned of terminating the contract if not resuming the work, the company agreed to begin the construction works from today.

    The NEA plans to import 200 megawatt electricity from India through this root in the winter.

    Ghising says 90 per cent of the works have been over.

    Earlier, the NEA had terminated a contract for the construction of Bharatpur-Bardaghat transmission line with the CCPG. The sources say the Chinese company therefore had halted works at Dhalkebar in a show of vengeance.


    Source : Online Khabar