39 GW of hydropower added in 2014


    A new IHA briefing, 2015 Key Trends in Hydropower, shows that hydropower is continuing its strong growth trend with 39 GW of new capacity added in 2014.

    World-map=IHA-2015The briefing, which also features analysis of trends and noteworthy developments in the sector, including increasing interconnections, a shake-up in manufacturing, more activity in ‘mature’ markets, and new sources of finance and investment.

    Over half of the capacity added in 2014 was in China, with 21.25 GW hydro and an additional 0.6 GW of pumped hydro installed. Other active countries include Brazil (+3.3 GW), Malaysia (+3.3 GW), Canada (+1.7 GW), Turkey (+1.4 GW), India (+1.2 GW), and Russia (+1.1 GW).

    Richard Taylor, chief executive of the International Hydropower Association, said: “This new information shows that hydropower’s strong growth trend around the world is continuing.

    “The role of hydropower is being increasingly recognised, not just in terms of clean energy generation, but also the contribution it can make in providing a range of water services and solutions to climate change.

    “I am confident that the World Hydropower Congress will conclude with strong commitments for making the best use of the world’s most important source of renewable energy.”

    The IHA briefing is a precursor to the 2015 Hydropower Status Report, due for release later in the year, which will feature a more detailed analysis of new developments by region, and a range of maps and infographics representing the deployment of hydropower throughout the world.

    Source : IHA