Want power outage-free Nepal? If so, help us by turning off street lights during daytime, says NEA


    Kathmandu, November 18 In its bid to make the Kathmandu Valley loadshedding-free, Nepal Electricity Authority has appealed for additional help from all.

    Issuing a public notice on Friday, NEA pointed that there’s a tendency of keeping street lights on even during the daytime. The state-owned electricity monopoly appealed members of the public to turn the lights off in the daytime.

    Earlier, NEA had asked the public not to use four appliances — water pump, iron, washing machine and geyser — during the peak hour, when power consumption goes up. It has asked the citizenry to fulfil one of its social responsibilities by switching street lights on in the evening and switching them off in the morning. NEA has not enforced a loadshedding regime in the Kathmandu Valley so far this year. It’s newly-appointed executive director has received praise from the public for keeping the valley loadshedding-free thus far and minimising power outage outside the valley.

    Through its appeals, the power utility has been asking the public to help end loadshedding by curtailing the wastage of electricity.

    Source : Online Khabar