Upper Chhyangdi’s electricity connected to national grid


KATHMANDU, Dec 4: Four megawatt of electricity produced by the Upper Chhyangdi Hydropower Project has been connected to the national grid.

According to the company, it has started test production since November 23. The produced electricity has been connected through a substation based at Udipur. It has constructed its power plant in  Lamjung district.

Upper Chhyangdi was supposed to start its production by April 2021. However, the production was delayed by around seven months due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the project.

Citing a rise in the project construction cost due to a delay, the company last month proposed to issue 40 percent right shares. The company had already endorsed 30 percent right shares to its shareholders.

The water of Chyangdikhola flowing between Dordi-8 Bansar and 7 Phaleni has been diverted to the power house to be constructed between Chyangdi and Ghattekhola by constructing a dam at Tijukuna of Bansar. The project has a gross head of 745 meters and has 2,874 meters of headrace from the dam area to the surge tank and then 1,356 meters of penstock pipe to the powerhouse. The project has two Forge Pelton turbines and two generators. Designed by Insight Engineering Consult, the project has been constructed by Sakura-Power JV on the civil side, Cream Hydel on the hydromechanical side and Macamidi India on the electro-mechanical side.