Upper Bhote Koshi HEP

Upper Bhote Koshi HEP Layout
Upper Bhote Koshi HEP Layout

The Bhote Koshi Project (also known as Upper Bhote Koshi Project) is a run-of-the-river power plant in Sindhulpalchok District, Nepal. It was constructed between 1997 and 2000 with power generation starting in January 2001. The project cost about US$98 million. The majority of finances was provided by Panda Energy International.[3] The dam, located at 27°56′20″N 85°56′42″E, diverts water downstream into a 3,300 m (10,827 ft) long head race tunnel which terminates into two penstocks that supply the two 22 MW Francis turbine-generators with water. The drop in elevation between the dam and power plant affords a normal hydraulic head of 135.5 m (445 ft).

Upper Bhote Koshi HEP Layout
Upper Bhote Koshi HEP Layout

The installed capacity of the project is 44 MW[2], whereas it has a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Nepal Electricity Authority for generation of 36MW maximum. The PPA dictates how much the project can generate for each month of the Nepali Calendar. During monsoon season (about three months each year) Bhote Koshi can operate at full installed capacity, with excess water still being spilt. During winter season however, power generation from the plant decreases drastically due to low river flows.

BKPC entered into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in July 1996 for the sale and purchase of energy. The PPA is valid for 25 years from the Commercial Operation Date (COD) of January 24, 2001. 50% of the Project Assets will be transferred to NEA upon maturity of PPA tenure at One Rupee only.

Upper Bhote Koshi HEP Intake
Upper Bhote Koshi HEP Intake

In 2006, Panda Energy (the original developer and majority shareholder of BKPC) divested its 75% holding in BKPC which was bought over by the Nepalese shareholders. Similarly, in 2007, IFC’s 10% shareholding was also bought over by the local shareholders.

The shareholders of BKPC are Himal International Energy Pvt. Ltd. (HIEPL), Himal International Power Corp Pvt. Ltd. (HIPC), Tara Fund Pvt. Ltd. (TFPL) and RDC of Nepal (RDC/N). While HIEPL, HIPC and TFPL are Nepalese companies, RDC/N is a company jointly owned by two US companies: MWH International, Inc (MWH) and Harza International Development Company, LLC (Harza). Hence, BKPC is a Nepal-US joint venture company

Salient Features

Type : Peak- run- of- the- river
Rated net head : 134 meter
Rated Turbine Discharge : 36.8 m3/s
Head race tunnel : 3301 m, 4 m dia., Shotcrete & Concrete
Pressure Shaft : 430 m long, 3 m dia., steel lined
Surge Tank : 8  m dia., 45 m high Restricted Orifice
Installed Capacity : 45 MW
Turbine Generator Set : 2 sets
Type of Turbine : Francis
Rated Output : 22.5 MW x 2
Rated Speed : 428.57  rpm
Type of Generator : Vertical shaft synchronous
Capacity : 25 MVA
Voltage Ratio : 11/132 KV
Power Transformer : 11/132 KV single phase,
Designed Average Annual Generation : 246 GWh
Catchment Area : 2,132 sq. km
Average Annual Discharge : 66.4 m3/s
Civil Construction Started : 1997
Commercial Operation Started : 24 January, 2001
Construction Cost :US$ 98 million
T/G supplier: Harbin
EPC: Harza, Hydrochina Zhongnan


For more details : http://www.bhotekoshi.com