Thirteen hydropower projects were damaged by recent flooding


The Independent Power Producers’ Association – Nepal (IPPAN) reported that 13 hydropower projects were damaged by floods on Ashad 1 and 2. According to IPPAN, these projects have a total capacity of 150 MW, which has been affected.

IPPAN claims that 13 projects, both under construction and completed, located in Sankhuwasabha, Taplejung, and Panchthar districts in the Koshi Province, have suffered damage, resulting in a loss of 150 megawatts of capacity. In Sankhuwasabha, the damaged projects include those built in the Hewa River, Piluwa River, and Sava River basins, namely Upper Hewa Khola-8.5 MW, Hewa Khola-4.5 MW, Super Hewa Khola-5 MW, Upper Piluwa Khola-4 MW, Down Piluwa-9.9 MW, Piluwa Khola-5 MW, and Sava Khola-4 MW.

Furthermore, 14 laborers and employees working on the Super Hewa Khola project have gone missing, and four individuals have been found dead. Similarly, projects constructed in Taplejung and Panchthar districts in Ingwa, Ewa, Kabeli, and Hewa river basins, including Iguwa Khola-10 MW, Iwa Khola-10 MW, Kabeli B-125 MW, Kabeli B-1 Cascade-10 MW, Hewa Khola-A-15 MW, Hewa Khola-5 MW, and Lower Hewa Khola-22 MW, have also been damaged by floods, as stated by IPPAN.

Since these damages occurred within just two days of the monsoon’s arrival, IPPAN has urged the hydropower promoters and all project employees to exercise extreme vigilance and remain on high alert. In order to address the aftermath of the flood damage, IPPAN has requested immediate relief efforts and the search for missing persons from the local administration and government.





Source : ShareSansar