Thank You Janardan Sharma


    Energy Minister Janardan Sharma Parbhakar deserves to be honored for his 10 months’ dedication for the development of energy sector of the country. We are grateful for all of his efforts that have helped bureaucrats to get supports and respect from the public. His presence has brought positive vibes among common people and lesson for upcoming ministers/bureaucrats.

    During his tenure he might have faced so many ups and down and got many challenges but his believe on energy development and proved himself which placed him at the top position in the energy sector. I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to him as well as best wishes for his further supports in the energy sector of Nepal.

    Here I would like to summarize his some great works in the following points:

    • Formulation of different subsidiary companies and Hydro Power Projects in company model,
    • Resolved many PPA issue for private developer,
    • Initiation of ‘Nepal Ko Pani, Janta Ko Lagani’ program
    • Campaign regarding 4P module (Public, Private, People, Partnership) for hydro development from domestic resources.
    • Called for Youth involvement energy development
    • Well Managing energy crisis,
    • Construction of electricity transmission lines and many more.

    At the conclusion I would like to appreciate his all great contribution towards sustainable development of Hydropower Sector of Nepal.

    Rajmi Aryal