Tamakoshi Losing Rs 30m a day


    DOLAKHA, March 17

    Upper-Tamakoshi-Access-TunnelUpper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited (UTKHPL) has been suffering daily loss of Rs 30 million due to obstruction of project work by workers and locals who are demanding allocation of shares for them. The project has suffered loss of over Rs 150 million due to obstruction of work for five consecutive days, according to the UTKHPL.

    The 456-MW project will lose Rs 25 million in revenues a day due to the delay. Project Spokesperson Dr Ganesh Neupane said that interest on loans taken from different bodies for the Rs 35.29 billion project will also have to be accounted. “It is necessary to complete this national pride project, that will significantly contribute toward minimizing the current energy crisis in the country, as soon as possible,” he stated. The contractor can also claim for compensation of up to Rs 25 million due to obstruction of works for five days. Both the project and shareholders will be affected due to that. The project has already been delayed by nine months due to different reasons.

    Four companies were working at full pace at the project site. “There is a risk of these contractors seeking a huge compensation. The companies demand claims by calculating every minute of obstruction of work. The project will face further financial burden as the staffers alone have to be paid millions a day,” he added.

    Hundreds of 12-wheel trucks carrying construction materials have been obstructed due to strike along the Singati road and they are calculating compensation for lost fare. The trucks carrying cement, iron rods, and other materials to Lamabagar from Birgunj have been left stranded in the road. Contractors claim for variation if work is not allowed to be done as per contract agreement. The contractors must be paid after recommendation by the consultant.

    Civil, hydromechanical, electrical and electromechanical works were being done at rapid pace. Lawmaker and politburo member of the CPN-UML Pashupati Chaulagai said that each Nepali across the country was losing Rs 1 a day due to the obstruction. “A handful of individuals and groups must never stop work of the project with share investment of citizens from across the country,” he opined.

    Source : Karobar Daily