Upper Tamakoshi Hydel In Final Stage


Charikot, Dolakha, Feb. 17: A national pride project, the Upper Tamakoshi at the Himalayan district of Dolakha, has reached its final stage. Located at Bigu Rural Municpality-1, the 456- megawatt project is said to start its first unit of production from the coming Nepali month of Chaitra.
Tamakoshi Jalvidyut Company had also initiated the development of a cascade plant downstream the Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project, called Tamakoshi V, which will use the water from the tailrace of the 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project to turn its turbines to generate 99.8 MW of hydroelectricity. Development and construction of the cascade project at Ward No. 3 has also been gaining pace, of late.
Shreengeshwore Prera Joint Ventures obtained the tender for the project on Mangsir 4, 2077 at Rs. 259,182,635 and began construction on Poush 4. As per the contract, 14 buildings including the project camp building will be completed within next 18 months.
As Tamakoshi V will be built downstream Upper Tamakoshi and make use of the water discharged by it, a separate dam will not be required, which means the project can be built at little cost. Likewise, according to Project Engineer Navin Neupane, no headwork transmission line, or main roads are required for the project, as a result of which the project will be completed within a short period.
“The Upper Tamakoshi Project itself is a peaking run-of-the-river project, which makes its cascade project, Tamakoshi V Hydropower Project, also a peaking run-of-the-river,” said Project Engineer Neupane.
The base cost of the project is estimated to be Rs. 12,160,000,000 (Rs 12.16 billion). With the preparation of the Detailed Project Report (DPR) already completed, Engineer Neupane claims the project would be finished within next four years.


Source : The Rising Nepal