Surging power consumption damages transformers in Valley


    The Kathmandu valley is experiencing random power cuts lately that have added to the woes of people who are already bearing the brunt of petroleum and cooking gas shortages.

    As an alternative to cooking gas, people have been resorting to electrical appliances for cooking purpose. Electric coil heaters are the cheapest possible option for the general people. The excessive consumption of electricity has led to low voltage supply.

    Likewise, electricity consumption from business relying on electricity like welding shops, ice cream parlours, dairy, meet shops, among others, and use of induction heaters for household  purposes have put additional load to the transformers damaging them.

    The Nepal Electricity Authority is trying to replace the damaged transformers. However, it has not been able to cope with the frequent power loss due to damaged transformers.

    NEA authorities say the current transformers should be replaced with high capacity transformers. But they are still not sure whether the power demand will be as high in the post fuel crisis period.

    Source : eKantipur