Energy saving methods can save millions: Report

    KATHMANDU, Dec 8: Energy efficiency intervention can save energy significantly, a project report shows.

    “Energy saving methods applied in 126 Nepali companies for a year saved Rs 95 million worth of energy and material costs,” a report prepared by

    Sustainable and Efficient Industrial Development (SEID) shows. “Energy saved by these companies is equivalent to annual energy consumption of 14,000 households,” SEID quoted excerpts of the report in a press release issued on Tuesday.

    The project had studied 74 companies in Bhutan as a pilot project to enhance energy efficiency. The study showed that energy saving methods there helped to save energy and material cost worth 25.5 Bhutanese Ngulturm.

    The project was implemented with financial assistance of the European Union.

    A team of experts mobilized by the project visited industries and identified the problem areas in energy consumption and advised them to adopt more efficient production methods and save resource and energy consumption, the press release added. “After one year of advisory, a team of experts visited those companies and analyzed the cost of electricity consumption and materials losses,” it added.

    Energy saving methods also helped the industries to reduce pollution and improve health and safety standards for workers. Half of the sampled companies were of hotels and manufacturing sectors in both Bhutan and Nepal.

    Source : Republica