Sunkoshi hydel resumes power generation


    The 10.05 Mega Watt (MW) Sunkoshi Hydropower Project, which remained shut after the flooded Bhotekoshi River caused damage to it, has recently started generating electricity.

    It generates 3.5-3.7 MW of electricity by operating a single turbine, according to the Centre’s Production Chief Suraj Dahal. Earlier, the project had been generating 2.5 MW of power.

    Additional power generation is likely as the two other turbines were under maintenance, shared Production Chief Dahal.

    The project, which remained closed after Jure landslides for months, had been generating 7 MW of electricity from two of the three turbines.

    A flood in Bhotekoshi River on July 15 had caused severe damages to the Centre. The power production of the Centre was adversely affected following the disaster.

    The disaster-hit Sindhupalchok district witnessed the damage of physical property of hydropower projects worth around Rs 500 million.