Solar Power Projects Gaining Traction in Nepal


KATHMANDU, September 13: The appeal of solar power generation is on the rise among private energy producers, leading to an increase in solar power output. Solar energy is gaining popularity because it can be constructed more cost-effectively and quickly compared to hydropower projects.

Consequently, there is a surge in the number of energy producers applying to the Department of Electricity Development for study and production permits to establish solar power facilities. As per the department’s records, a total of 141 megawatts in solar projects have applied for study permits. Among these applications, approximately four solar projects, with a combined capacity of 141 MW, have sought study permits.

The largest among the projects seeking study permits is the 100 MW Nepalgunj Solar Power Venture (SPV), a project developed by GT Energy, which submitted its application on April 9.

Additionally, both the 30 MW Kapilvastu Solar Project and the 10 MW Lamahi Solar Project have applied for study permits on August 9. These two projects are under the supervision of Prime Power Pvt Ltd. Furthermore, the One MW Malta Solar Project submitted its study permit application on August 16, 2021, with the study conducted by Pashupati Energy Development Company Limited.

Moreover, 14 solar projects totaling 99.36 MW have initiated construction activities after obtaining production permits. These projects, which have secured production permits, are currently at various stages of construction. Furthermore, 40 projects with a combined capacity of 705 MW have received study permits and are presently undergoing various stages of evaluation.



Source : Republica