Finance Minister Mahat: Nepal Has Imminent Potential for Hydropower and Tourism


KATHMANDU, Sept 12: Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat has said there is immense potential for hydropower and tourism in Nepal.

At a seminar organized by the Central Committee of the BP Thought Academy here Monday on the occasion of the 110th birth anniversary of BP Koirala, he stressed that emphasis should be laid on infrastructure development to connect hydropower and tourism with economic prosperity as possibilities of hydropower and tourism are increasing in Nepal.

The Finance Minister mentioned that the government has to construct Nijgadh International Airport with high priority.

Though the Nijgadh International Airport had to be constructed before the Lumbini and Pokhara airports, the works of Nijgadh have not been completed for failing to determine priority, he shared.

Finance Minister Mahat further said the Kathmandu-Terai fast track would be completed within the next four years and the Nijgadh International Airport would also be completed during the period.

He clarified that economic revolution in the country was possible if all joined hands, adding that the private sector should be the means of change and production and the government should play the role of supporter.

The government has to further increase investment in health, education and infrastructure sectors, he said, stating that it has to take leadership for the distribution of products of the private sector.