Solar microgrid product launched


    global_micro_grid_lgGham Power has launched a new solar microgrid product in the Nepali market. The company launched the product amid a function in Kathmandu on Friday.

    Speaking at the launching ceremony, officials of Gham Power said the new product would help significantly cut diesel costs.

    “Solar microgrid technology combined with long-term financing can significantly cut diesel consumption and fuel costs for businesses in Nepal,” Sandeep Giri, CEO of Gham Power, said.

    On the occasion, Gham Power also announced an international joint venture with Finland Connect, a business hub based in Helsinki that manages government funds and private funds to help finance renewable energy projects globally; and NoCart, a renewable energy technology company in Finland that provides a unique power generation unit to manage multiple energy sources like solar, diesel generator, and the grid, and to minimize the total cost of backup power.

    “For a typical business in Nepal that primarily uses diesel generator for backup power, this Business Solar Microgrid product reduces diesel consumption by 40 percent or more, while lowering the total backup power costs by 20 percent or more”, Giri said in a statement issued by Gham Power.

    The statement stated that unlike solar power plants or home lighting systems, solar microgrids directly integrate solar with diesel generators so that during power blackouts, solar PV provides primary back up, and beyond a certain load, the system automatically starts the diesel generator.

    Source : Republica