3 hydel projects resume power generation


    NUWAKOT, MAY 23 – Two hydropower projects in Nuwakot and one in Rasuwa that were closed after the April 25 earthquake have resumed power generation following the maintenance jobs.

    Trishuli Hydropower of 21 megawatt and Devighat Hydropower of 14 megawatt started power generation after carrying out some maintenance works.

    Likewise, Chilime Hydrpower of Rasuwa district has begun partial power generation after some repairs. Out of 21 megawatt of its capacity, Chilime Hydrpower has generated 11 megawatt at present.

    However, electricity supply in the villages is still facing hardships due to problems in the electric equipments and damage in the houses.

    The Nepal Electricity Authority Nuwakot branch office has said that the technicians were working to resume the power supply soon. RSS

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