Sinohydro Workers Back To Work at Tanahu hydro


Damauli, March 1: Agitating Sinohydro Company workers in Tanahu have been convinced to withdraw a strike and get back to work from today. The dispute between the company management and workers has come to an end with the signing of a bilateral agreement.

On Friday night, excavator driver Pushkar Thapa was cleaning the vehicle at the project power house and in course of the cleaning, a Chinese individual got wet. In response, the infuriated Chinese hurled a rock at the vehicle, leaving its glass smashed which prompted both sides to engage in a heated debate and since then the workers had been on a strike. According to Tanahu Hydropower Project Chief Achyut Ghimire, both sides sat for negotiations, deciding to resume works.

The management side has agreed to take action against the guilty in the rock throwing and pay workers as per the wage rate fixed by the District Committee. Other demands put forth by workers will be addressed gradually, according to Ghimire.

The company is constructing the 140-megawatt- package 2 of the project at Jhaputar of Rhishing rural municipality-1.

The project is preparing to sign a contract agreement with a builders’ company for the package-2.Three companies had expressed interest to be partners of the project and the Asian Development Bank has allowed selection of Song Da Corporation Vietnam/Kalika Construction JV. Part of the package-2 of the project is being built with ADB assistance.

The total cost of the project is 505 million USD (including the cost of the transmission line, rural electrification and the interest amount during the construction period). JICA will bear 184 million USD for the works under package-2, it is stated.


Source : The Rising Nepal