90 percent work of Kalanga Hydropower Project completed


Bajhang: Ninety percent of the construction work of the Kalanga Hydropower Project in the far-western state, which is being constructed with the investment of the private sector, has been completed.

Ninety percent of the 65 MW Kalanga Hydropower Project under construction in Bungal Municipality of Bajhang is nearing completion. The project, estimated to cost around Rs 10 billion, has completed the construction of 8.7 km of 38.46 MW Upper Kalanga Hydropower Project, 3.4 km of 15.33 MW Kalanga Hydropower Project and 2.9 km of 10.07 MW Sanigad Hydropower Project. . Construction of intake, tunnel, penstock, pipe connection and power house of the 15.33 MW capacity project has also been completed. The project, which has completed more than 90 percent of the infrastructure construction work, is preparing to generate electricity this April.

The project, which started construction in 2017, aimed to complete the work by 2020. The project company has stated that the construction work has been delayed due to geography. Construction of power house, dam, tunnel and penstock pipe connection of the project is underway. The project chief Pushpa Chitrakar said that 90 percent of the work has been completed as the construction of the tunnel has been finalized and electrical equipment is being connected to the power house. He said that tunnel finishing work is underway at 38.46 MW Aparkalanga. All the work of 15.33 MW Kalanga Hydropower Project has been completed. Now we are preparing for the test this Chait.

Although the construction is targeted to be completed by 2020, the project has been delayed due to the impact of the Corona epidemic, geographical remoteness and cumbersome process of forest law. He said that the cost has also increased due to delay in work.

After the completion of the construction, more than 350 locals will get employment opportunities. The project is expected to help reduce the problem of load shedding in Nepal. This project will prove to be a cornerstone for the development of the far west, says Virendra Malla, founder of Kalanga Hydro Pvt Ltd. He said, “There are raw materials required for various industries in this region. The industry could not be established due to lack of electricity. As soon as the construction of this project is completed, there is potential for setting up of various industries and this project will also help in the operation of various factories and industries. As soon as the construction of the project started, the youths of the area are getting employment according to their qualifications and skills.
For the construction of the hydropower project, 75 percent is invested by banks and 15 percent by reputed businessmen. The project, which is being constructed with the investment of the private sector, is claimed to be the largest hydropower project in the state.


Source : Karobar / Translation