Revising rules helps NEA save Rs 850 million in Solu project


    energy-transmissionKATHMANDU: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) will be able to save around Rs 850 million in Solu Corridor Transmission Line project. This has become possible after the NEA adopted open competition in contractor hiring process, easing the criteria for all potential contractors.

    The cost of the project, which is estimated at $29 million, has come down to $20.5 million after NEA received proposals from contractors based on the revised bid documents, according to the Office of the Prime Minister. NEA had revised the criteria for bidders after it received complaints of rigid parameters which allowed only a few contractors to place bids.

    A total of 10 contractors had submitted their proposals for the transmission line project, which is being implemented under the line of credit of India. A joint venture of Jaguar Overseas and BSL of India had quoted the lowest amount for the project. It is also the contractor that is involved in Kabeli-Damak 132 kV transmission line being built with support of the World Bank.

    The Solu Corridor 132 kV is 90-km long double circuit transmission line from Mirchaiya, Siraha to Tingla, Solukhumbu district. Similarly, a sub-station of 132/33/11 kV will be built in Tingla under this project.

    Source : The Himalayan Times