Projects aplenty in Marsyangdi corridor


    LAMJUNG, March 7

    Almost a dozen hydropower projects are being constrcted in the Marsyangdi corridor. The 150kilometer river—that starts from the confluence of Jarsang and Khangsar rivers in Manang—is considered perfect for hydroelectricity due to rapid flow of water.


    The Department of Electricity Development has provided license for feasibility study and generation for eight projects now. Two big projects have been constructed and are in operation in the basin of the river that flows through Lamjung at the south of Manang. Mid Marysangdi in Lamjung has been generating 70 MW and Lower Marsyangdi in Tanahu 69 MW for a long time now. Upper Marsyangdi A (50 MW) is being constructed in Bhulbhule, Lamjung and is scheduled to be completed in July.

    The department has provided license for projects including Upper Marysangdi 1 and 2, Upper Marsyangdi A, Lower Manang Marsyangdi and Divajyoti with installed capacity of 50 MW to 600 MW in the corridor. Private sector promoters have also been studying about construction of more projects in the river. Himtal Hydro, GMR of India, Sino Hydro of China, Sagarmatha Power Company, Divyajyoti Hydropwoer, Butwal Power Company and others have invested in these projects.

    Many small and medium sized projects are also being constructed in tributaries of Marsyangdi river in the corridor. Projects with combined installed capacity of almost 1200 MW are currently under construction in the corridor. Projects are also being constructed, and some even starting generation and being connected to the national grid, in Dordi, Nyadi, Siuri, Midim, Randhi, Myardi and other rivers in Lamjung.

    The government and stakeholders, however, do not seem to exercise caution while constructing many projects in a single river basin as a single natural disaster can destroy all the projects developed in the corridor. The state also has yet to formulate any standard about how many projects can be constructed in a single river and the distance between each of them.